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STUDIO JULIE SIEGEMUND is a Copenhagen-based PR Agency, run by PR-Directrice and ­conceptual Journalist Julie Siegemund. The Studio works with a carefully curated portfolio of ­Designers, Artists and Publications. Besides the consultancy around brand positioning within the media landscape and the development and execution of PR Strategies, it provides the client with conceptual self-written articles for internationally renowned publications. A Journalist herself, Julie has the ability to sense angles that are off the norm without losing their visual and contextual depth. 

Julies’ immanent curiosity for knowledge as well as her keen eye for holistic aesthetics pushed her towards the Avant-Garde - a niche segment for high-end conceptual brands, where ­craftsmanship, storytelling and intellectualism are key. With her visionary approach, she fuses chimera with­ ­acumen. ­

Clients include:

Leon Emanuel Blanck

Barbara I Gongini

Ivan Grundahl

Metal Magazine

Anniversary Magazine

Sindroms Magazine

Welt /  Iconist